" Out of frustration searching for a pet legal RV lot, in SW Florida, RV Real Estate was born. Unlisted parks, poor information and questionable availability, characterized the quest.  An Internet quagmire of rental parks, selective listings, partial information, retarded web sites, and bad data, obstructed the search.  Why couldn't one sit with a computer, review ownership RV parks, review choices, and then go visit? Someone should make it happen....."  Circa 2003

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photograph of John Coons John Coons - Director 

Richard Coons, John's father built the family's first RV, an 18' travel trailer,  in 1937 so John comes to RVs with fond memories. Trained as an engineer and practiced as a Florida Real Estate Broker it is easy to appreciate John's interest in RV real estate and the Internet.  John travels in an Escalade  fifth wheel with Dodge Cummins, based from Paradise Valley Campground, Cleveland, Georgia 30528.

photograph of LanellLanell Grant Coons - Director

Schooled in Interior Design and Real Estate, Lanell worked extensively in property management, interior design and held a Florida Real Estate Sales License. She is an excellent cook and enjoys entertaining. Ever the people person, Lanell smoothes the flow of information and maintains public relations. Everyone wants to talk to Lanell. She always knows what is happening and has the latest recipes too!


photograph of SherrySherry Ivie - Advisor

Sherry is the Real Estate Broker for Mountain Country Realty, Cleveland, GA, where she specializes in real estate for RVs!  She has her own web site, www.rvlots.net.  She even lives in a new home within an RV park,  where major construction was welcome. She and husband Glenn love scuba diving, golf and escape to Lake Okeechobee when ever possible. We are fortunate to have the benefit of Sherry's experience and council, which included a medical career too.


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