We recognize that it is not easy to begin Advertising or Listings for RV Lots or Properties. It is a bit of a catch 22; you need listings for traffic and you need traffic to satisfy advertisers.  As a ten year old  website we have traffic, some 100 to 150 folks each day come to read and learn about RV Lots.. We are served daily by Google and major search engines.. We receive direct referral from dozens of related web sites.  Nevertheless, the addition of a limited number of ads for RV properties is a significant addition to this site.  Incidentally, we have good statistical information too, and can provide details all about the visitors that read your ad.


To provide an incentive to join us now, we begin with the following:: 

   $ 18 

We will display and serve these ads for 6 months. Renewals are $18.

How do we advertise ?

We will produce your ad like those that you see on site. We will include up to 6 photos. We will list your ad (and park) as you see. We will also place a small linked photo on one of the pages on this site. We will format the photos you provide and ask that you review several ads to learn what information is needed that you must include. Simply Email your ad content information and attach your photos. Questions ? Call or Email. We will answer promptly.


We recognize that many of you have never organized the information for the lot you wish or need to sell and are intimidated by the process. Just get started ! Send us what you can easily get together. If we have concerns for what you have provided we will get in touch. We want to see you succeed in selling your RV Lot.